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Skinny and Co. Shampoo Bar, Rosemary

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Skinny and Co. Shampoo Bar, Rosemary

$ 15.00

Why a shampoo bar? We'll share a dirty hair secret with you; most of what is out there to make your hair "clean" is actually adding toxins, pthalates, parabens, and a whole lotta stuff no one can pronounce. All this adds up to build-up, not to mention- who wants a chemical storm brewing on their head? Not you, that's for sure!

That's why we created the Skinny Shampoo Bar using the same 100% RAW coconut oil we sell for eating! Completely free of additives and toxins, this bar will moisturize and clean- naturally!

  • Rosemary- a touch of rosemary oil for all it's added smell and benefits

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